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SNOOP DOG MICRO G HERBAL VAPORIZER is so portable that, you will be impressed at its first glance. Along with its portable nature, its size, shape and the adorned design it got on it, feels you great for having it. This vaporizer has the perfect chamber size which allows you to fit a decent amount of herbs in it.  And also the kit provides you total 3 heating chambers as replacements or backups when you feel too lazy to clean up a chamber.


Snoop Dogg


The components that you get in this kit are :

1 Rechargeable microG Battery
3 microG Herbal Tanks
1microG Filtered Mouthpiece
1micrG Tool
1 G Keychain
1 G Wall Adapter
1 microG Wired USB Charger
2 G Glass Containers
3 G Cleaning tips
1 G Cleaning Brush
1 G Card
5 microG Mouthpiece Sleeves

Visit Smoke Tokz to get SNOOP DOG MICRO G HERBAL VAPORIZER today!. SNOOP DOG MICRO G HERBAL VAPORIZER is a proven brand, and you cannot go wrong with that. We do sell original products only.

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What Is A Vaporizer Beginners Guide

What Is A Vaporizer




A vaporizer is a gadget used to delicately warm fragrant mixes keeping in mind the end goal to make vapor.


Despite the fact that the vaporizer idea has been around for a considerable length of time, just in the most recent 15 years or so have business vaporizers been produced and sold. Today, the advantages of vaporization are turning out to be all the more broadly known, subsequently the number and assortment of gadgets has been quickly expanding. This makes ordering vaporizers surprisingly troublesome, yet every vaporizer has two vital parts: a warmth source, and an exchange framework.




Albeit every single vaporizer configuration utilize one of three approaches to utilize heat for the essential warmth source, they quite often profit by the optional impacts of one or both of alternate sorts. The essential sorts are:


  • Convection works by streaming warmed air over and through sweet-smelling mixes. Most advanced vaporizers basically utilize convection in light of the fact that it warms fragrant mixes all the more equally and productively, and temperature control is simpler.


  • Conduction works by direct contact of fragrant mixes with a warmed surface. The most punctual business vaporizers utilized conduction. In spite of the fact that it dropped out of support when convection vaporizers showed up, some effective present day plans have restored conduction.


  • Radiation works by exchanging heat utilizing vitality discharged as electromagnetic waves. There are few radiation vaporizers, yet some vaporizer plans exploit emanated heat as a supplemental source.


Warmer TYPES


Most warmers for conduction vaporizers are metal, normally stainless steel in light of the fact that it is latent at vaporizing temperatures. The warmer surface can be either strong metal or a screen. Leeway of this sort of warmer is fast warming and cooling, however a few plans utilize a strong metal square as opposed to a plate. The upside of this is the piece does not chill fundamentally as you draw air over it, obviously it is slower to chill off.


For convection vaporizers, the most mainstream warmer is earthenware, again in light of the fact that the pottery utilized are inactive at vaporizing temperatures. Fired radiators are slower to warm up yet once hot, they hold warm well and minimize the incoming so as to cool created air. A few plans supplement the fired warmer with stainless steel or other metal that goes about as a warmth exchanger, further balancing out the temperature. Similarly as with metal hinders, these outlines cool down gradually.


A few vaporizers utilize a nichrome wire wrapped around

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Vaping in two minutes

Think vaping as digital foam of smoking that requires three key components.







E liquid is a solution made of three ingredients

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)


Both pg and vg are both substances we use every day. They are in our food, toothpaste, shampoo and so forth. PG is a component of e liquid that emulates throat hit when you are smoking. VG is the element which creates cloud when you smoking. The flavoring used is all food based. The same found in candy and deserts. Optional ingredient is nicotine which can be found in 24mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6mg and 3 mg.

The Tank is where the e liquid is placed. It have three central parts

Drip tip – where you inhale from

Tube – where e liquid is stored

Coil- Made up of spirally metal wire with cotton

E liquids get absorbed into the cotton which then gets heated by the coil creating vapor. The Mod is responsible for heating the coil and typically have one to three buttons. First button ignites the coil and the other two use to adjust the temperature control.

Once the tank is connected to the mode it’s ready to be used. So are you guys ready now to make cloud. Visit us at smoketokz Kansas city Missouri to get the best e liquid and mod.Box-Mod-TC-Mod-Brand-Box-Mod

VPARK BOX TC150 watt Battery is now available at teh new smoke shop SMOKE TOKZ 1263, w103rd street ,kansas city,missouri,64114

The new VPARK BOX TC150 MOD has a Aluminium alloy body.Four modes of operations are controlled in one wheel like temperature control /wattage/on/off.It also provides protection for under voltage ,reverse battery,output short circuit and high temperature protection.



It has an LCD output screen.It is developed with automatic screen lock technology like without any operation after a minute,the screen will automatically shut down,press any key can wake up screen,entering stand by interface.

150w temperature control solution ,detect temperature 1000 times per  second.Also had clamshell battery cover,which replaces battery easily.






SIZE: 22mm*60mm*91mm

Battery Type: 2*18650(20-35Amp)

Power Range:1-150w

Temperature Range: 200-600F/95-315C

Resistance Range: 0.1-1.0 ohm


Package contains:


1*User Manual


Special Order water pipes and smoking accessories

pipe1 are now available at smoketokz located at 1263 w 103rd street Kansas City Missouri. These are high quality custom made according to customer request. OSS glass, Cream glass and more designs and brand available. If you guys like any call or visit at smoketokz to place your order. Your orders will be filled in week time. Smoketokz wants to make sure our customers are happy with what they like with the lowest price possible. We are unable to keep all stock in hand at store location. As you place the order our warehouse in Chicago will ship it to the store location for customers to pick up.


What is DAVINCI Vaporizer

DAVINCI Vaporizer

For Aromatic Blends and Liquids
• Digital Display
• Fully-Adjustable Temperature
• Discreet Design
Davinci is one among the best vaporizer sold in Kansas City, Missouri area. SmokeTokz Kansas city Missouri located at 1263 w 103rd street have all smoking accessories you need. Why we need to go to west port any more. SmokeTokz gives a fresh pleasant atmosphere where you feel comfortable. so please stop by for your next vape at SmokeTokz.
The DaVinci is a dual-purpose portable vaporizer with the ability to vaporize aromatic blends and essential oils. Features include a fully adjustable precision temperature control, a bright digital display, and a built-in storage compartment and cleaning brush. DaVinci offers temperatures ranging from 100 F – 430 F for optimal vaporization.

Combustion instantly destroys 30-40% of the key elements found in various herbs, and releases a multitude of chemical compounds (carcinogens). Vaporizing provides a more desired effect by utilizing temperature specific key ingredients which are released at much lower temperatures than combustion. The DaVinci Vaporizer delivers the active chemicals as a vapor mist, leaving behind undesired carcinogens as well as more fully utilizing the material.

• Functional Design ~ Fits in your pocket. Ergonomically designed, with convenient storage compartment and durable Flexi-Straw.
• Digital Temperature Control ~ Vape with digital precision. Dail in the exact temperature with total accuracy.
• High Temp-Safe Components ~A safe air-track is ensured by using high temp food grade silicon, non gassing plastics, and non lead-based solder.
• Internal Lithium Ion Battery ~ Rechargeable internal batteries, no plugs needed. Take your DaVinci anywhere. The highly portable one for your all needs. 

• AC Adapter
• Screen 10 pack
• Oil Can 2 packDAVINCI Vaporizer DAVINCI Vaporizer DAVINCI Vaporizer DAVINCI Vaporizer

VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System

Vanguard VTC80 Kit features unique variable temperature control system ,which is casted by aluminium and stainless steel providing an output  of 80w with 4400mAh capacity of power.It also contains an elastic spring endow which provides strong resistance.

It has a clear OLED Dispaly which displays battery power, voltage ,wattage very clearly.Adjust the ROTARY Wheel in order to increase or decrease the voltage.

This battery fits all  tanks and atomizers existing in  the market.

VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System



BATTERY Capacity: 4400mAh battery 510 threaded
Temperature Range: 137-315 Celcius /280-600 Fahrenheit
Wattage: 5w to 80 Watts
Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.0V
Resistance Range: 0.15-1.0ohm for VT mode
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.5ohm for VW mode

VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System


1 x vanguard vtc80 battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x English Manual

It is now available the new smoke shop SMOKETOKZ ,1263 ,w103rd street,kansas city,missouri,64114.

Coming soon 150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

coming soon to Smoketokz located and state line and 103rd Street kansas city Missouri. Collection of mods best Christmas gift ever for you smoking loved ones.

Product introduction

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD,it has 150W VW output and support TEMP from 95C-315C/ 200F-600F. With the best solution for temperature control, this device is applying its best technique of TC control, with its outstanding performance from 1W up to 150W offers the best experience for all vapors!


Battery size: 22*60*91mm
Wattage output: 1-150W
Temperature range:  200~600 F or 95~315℃

Maximum output current: 20-35A

Resistance range: 0.1 – 1.0 ohm(Ni200 coil) & 0.16 – 2.0ohm(in wattage setting)

It comes with

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

Battery Installation: Open the package, take out Vpark Box TC150, click ‘Clamshell battery cover buckle’ to open the battery cover, and put the battery into compartment in the right position and negative directions.

Active on & off Switch: In shutdown mode, turn mode switch wheel to ‘ON’, ‘W’or ‘F’ any mode of these, begin starting up. 3 seconds after turning mode switch wheel to ‘OFF’, begin shutdown mode, and screen is shut, entering to minimum power consumption status.

Automatic Screen Off: Without any operation after a minute, the screen will automatically shut down, press any key can wake up screen, entering standby interface.

Wattage Adjustment: Turn ‘Mode Switch Wheel’ to ‘W’ and gets into Wattage Adjustment Mode. The word ‘watt’ on screen can be chosen, and you can use Up&Down dial hold down left or right to adjust wattage.

Temperature Adjustment: Turn ‘Mode Switch Wheel’ to ‘F’ and gets into temperature adjustment mode. The word ‘temp’ on screen can be chosen, and you can hold down Up&Down dial left or right to adjust temperature.

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

Over-Temperature Protection: When the LCD reads ‘TOO HOT’ means that the sensor on RY102 board detected temperature is too high, will automatically power down to 25W output. When it tests the board temperature below the alert value, can return to normal output.

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

150W Vpark TC150 VT/VW Box MOD

Weigh Scales now available at new smoke shop smoke tokz 1263,w103rd street, kansas city,missouri,64114.


American Weigh Scales can supply digital scales to fit any weighing application,including custom digital scale applications of any kind. We at smoke tokz have floor scales, counting scales, gram scales, mini scales, pocket digital scales, weight, portable scales, electronic scales, precision scales and Gram Precision scales to fit all your needs.


Most any type of digital scale you can think of, smoke tokz carries.We atthe new smoke shop carries scales  that measures up to 0.1g and 0.01g accuracy .



If you are looking for a scale ,then come stop by us at

smoke tokz 1263,w103rd street,kansas city,missouri,64114.

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