Hydra vaporizer shell is made with a high grade aluminum alloy, with scratch resistant anodized finishes, making it the most durable vape pen case in existence.

Hydra Vaporizer Case
Hydra Vaporizer Case

At under 5 inches in length its sleek design allows you to comfortably carry and store all of your vaping needs. It is the most practical case when it’s time to vape. The interchangeable medical grade silicone insert effectively holds your pen, concentrate tool, concentrate container, and charger.

Hydra four inserts are made specifically to fit the majority of vape pens on the market today. View Hydra inserts and find which option fits your pen. Hydra’s anodized aluminum finish is resilient for every day use.

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The medical grade silicone insert securely holds your Pax 2 with a remarkable smell-proof cap and loose leaf container. This doubles as a way to easily remove your vaporizer to load on the go. The included stainless steel tool allows you to stir loose leaf for consistent draw.


Smell-Proof Loose Leaf Container
Charger Slot
Smell-Proof Cap
Stainless Steel Stirring tool

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