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E Liquid

Hydra Perfect Vaporizer Case

Hydra vaporizer shell is made with a high grade aluminum alloy, with scratch resistant anodized finishes, making it the most durable vape pen case in existence.

Hydra Vaporizer Case
Hydra Vaporizer Case

At under 5 inches in length its sleek design allows you to comfortably carry and store all of your vaping needs. It is the most practical case when it’s time to vape. The interchangeable medical grade silicone insert effectively holds your pen, concentrate tool, concentrate container, and charger.

Hydra four inserts are made specifically to fit the majority of vape pens on the market today. View Hydra inserts and find which option fits your pen. Hydra’s anodized aluminum finish is resilient for every day use.

inthecase2inthiscase-bottom2 (1)

The medical grade silicone insert securely holds your Pax 2 with a remarkable smell-proof cap and loose leaf container. This doubles as a way to easily remove your vaporizer to load on the go. The included stainless steel tool allows you to stir loose leaf for consistent draw.


Smell-Proof Loose Leaf Container
Charger Slot
Smell-Proof Cap
Stainless Steel Stirring tool

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Large Survey Finds E-Cigarettes Do Help Smokers Quit


An online survey conducted late last year by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) found that the overwhelming majority of questioned vapers attribute smoking cessation to the use of electronic cigarettes.

The self-administered survey was conducted in the months of November and December 2015, took about five to ten minutes to complete and was targeted at US-based members of the CASAA. Of the approximately 120,000 members, a total of 27,343 people completed the survey, and after excluding those who did not live in the United States and the few who were not at least 18 years old, 20,162 observations remained. Of these, a further 106 reported having never been e-cigarette users, defined by not having spent a total of $100 on e-cigarette products for personal use, and 238 declared they were not regular vapers, as defined by not having used an e-cigarette on at least 10 occasions in the last week. The statistics presented in the survey results are for the remaining 19,823 regular current electronic cigarette users.

Questions were organized into four main categories: Smoking History, Role of Flavors, Medical Advice and Response to FDA Ban Scenarios. 87% of respondents reported having quit smoking entirely after starting to use electronic cigarettes, 5% said they still smoked sometimes, and 3% had already quit before they started to use e-cigs. The remaining respondents were included in the 3% who had never been regular smokers, 3% who have an “other” answer and the few who declined to answer. Of the 980 people who answered that they still smoke, 34% reported smoking less than one cigarette a day on average, 42% one to 5 per day, and 23% more than five. The rest declined to answer. Of the 565 respondents who quit smoking before using electronic cigarettes, 48% said they were concerned that they would start smoking again and sought a substitute, 31% did not predict they would start smoking again but missed it and started using e-cigarettes because of that, and 21% gave an open-ended answer. Of the 17,186 respondents who quit smoking using e-cigarettes, 64% reported switching completely almost instantly, 21% reported dual-use but quit completely within a month, 11% used both for between one and  six months before quitting smoking, and 3% used both cigarettes and e-cigs for more than six months. 94% of subjects reported having at least one attempt to quit smoking before using electronic cigarettes. Of these, 71% tried nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), 41% reported having used other pharmaceuticals (e.g., Chantix), 21% using formal counseling, 21% calling a quit line, 81% had tried unaided quitting and 8% had tried a different method. When asked about the role played by electronic cigarettes in their smoking cessation, 64% said they had started using e-cigs with the intention of quitting smoking, 25% started using e-cigs merely to cut down on cigarettes, but ended up quitting completely, and 11% started using e-cigs without the intention of quitting smoking or reducing the number of smoked cigarettes, but ended up quitting entirely. 99% of respondents said that they would still be smoking tobacco if not for electronic cigarettes.

Regarding the role of e-liquid flavors, participants had to mention using particular flavor categories regularly (defined as at least sometimes in a typical month): 83% reported vaping fruit or fruit beverages, 76% candy, soda or pastry, 30 % spice or savory (e.g., cinnamon, clove), 18% menthol/mint and only 19% reported vaping tobacco regularly. That pretty much destroys the theory that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking and that delicious flavors are simply a way of attracting children. Yes, it may be shocking to e-cigarette opponents, but it appears that adults like tasty stuff too.

Asked how often they use sweet flavors, 78% indicated that they use them more than other flavors or all the time, 14% reported using them some of the time and only 7% answered rarely or never. In contrast, when asked about how often they vape tobacco flavors, 48% said never, 25% rarely, 14% some of the time, and only 11% most or all the time. Of the e-cigarette users who had completely quit smoking, 72% credited tasty flavors with helping them give up tobacco, and of those who still smoke, 53% said interesting flavors are helping them in their quest to quit smoking.

The questions regarding what kind of medical advice subjects had received from a healthcare provider regarding the use of electronic cigarettes also yielded some very interesting results: Of the 65% of respondents who actually talked to a healthcare provider about e-cigarettes, 66% said they told the provider about their e-cig use and were encouraged to continue using them, 34% were told e-cigarettes were low risk, 26% got a neutral response, 5% told the provider about their use of e-cigarettes and were discouraged to continue using them and only 3% were told that e-cigarettes pose high risk. This data shows that despite the constant propaganda against vaping and electronic cigarettes, most healthcare providers actually understand the important role these devices can play in smoking cessation. They may not be very vocal in supporting them, but figures show that most support their use and even recommend their patients use them as a quit smoking aid.

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smoking of e-cigarette grown exponentially popular

R0018356_1024x1024From 2007 smoking of e-cigarette grown exponentially popular. Public been concerned about the safety using vapor products and answers they received was confusing cigarette smoke is safer but it still have nicotine in it which makes it comes with a small little battery and a tank which is now called as atomizer or clearomizer, battery charger and e liquid. Many of the people are getting trapped by combustible tobacco and smoking vape give them a hope to way out.


There are surveys says more young people are smoking electronic cigarette and it’s been doubling every year. Middle schoolers are progressing wit e cigarettes and ending up in conventional cigarettes. Let’s keep all this surveys down and take a look at 2000 we had 23 percent of kids where smoking verses it changed now to 9 percent.  So what we say is not trying to argue and say e cigarette is the best. But I would like to say e cigarette is 99 percent less hazardous than conventional cigarettes. Not trying to say start vaping but those who are smoking in a regular basis if we can convert them to e cigarette, they will have a better life. Smoketokz located at 1263 103rd street Kansas city help people understand the concept of e cigarette and make them a better healthy way of living

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Vaping in two minutes

Think vaping as digital foam of smoking that requires three key components.







E liquid is a solution made of three ingredients

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)


Both pg and vg are both substances we use every day. They are in our food, toothpaste, shampoo and so forth. PG is a component of e liquid that emulates throat hit when you are smoking. VG is the element which creates cloud when you smoking. The flavoring used is all food based. The same found in candy and deserts. Optional ingredient is nicotine which can be found in 24mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6mg and 3 mg.

The Tank is where the e liquid is placed. It have three central parts

Drip tip – where you inhale from

Tube – where e liquid is stored

Coil- Made up of spirally metal wire with cotton

E liquids get absorbed into the cotton which then gets heated by the coil creating vapor. The Mod is responsible for heating the coil and typically have one to three buttons. First button ignites the coil and the other two use to adjust the temperature control.

Once the tank is connected to the mode it’s ready to be used. So are you guys ready now to make cloud. Visit us at smoketokz Kansas city Missouri to get the best e liquid and mod.Box-Mod-TC-Mod-Brand-Box-Mod

VPARK BOX TC150 watt Battery is now available at teh new smoke shop SMOKE TOKZ 1263, w103rd street ,kansas city,missouri,64114

The new VPARK BOX TC150 MOD has a Aluminium alloy body.Four modes of operations are controlled in one wheel like temperature control /wattage/on/off.It also provides protection for under voltage ,reverse battery,output short circuit and high temperature protection.



It has an LCD output screen.It is developed with automatic screen lock technology like without any operation after a minute,the screen will automatically shut down,press any key can wake up screen,entering stand by interface.

150w temperature control solution ,detect temperature 1000 times per  second.Also had clamshell battery cover,which replaces battery easily.






SIZE: 22mm*60mm*91mm

Battery Type: 2*18650(20-35Amp)

Power Range:1-150w

Temperature Range: 200-600F/95-315C

Resistance Range: 0.1-1.0 ohm


Package contains:


1*User Manual


VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System

Vanguard VTC80 Kit features unique variable temperature control system ,which is casted by aluminium and stainless steel providing an output  of 80w with 4400mAh capacity of power.It also contains an elastic spring endow which provides strong resistance.

It has a clear OLED Dispaly which displays battery power, voltage ,wattage very clearly.Adjust the ROTARY Wheel in order to increase or decrease the voltage.

This battery fits all  tanks and atomizers existing in  the market.

VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System



BATTERY Capacity: 4400mAh battery 510 threaded
Temperature Range: 137-315 Celcius /280-600 Fahrenheit
Wattage: 5w to 80 Watts
Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.0V
Resistance Range: 0.15-1.0ohm for VT mode
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.5ohm for VW mode

VANGUARD VTC80 Variable Temperature Control System


1 x vanguard vtc80 battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x English Manual

It is now available the new smoke shop SMOKETOKZ ,1263 ,w103rd street,kansas city,missouri,64114.

The Authentic Wulf E-Juice Is Now Available In Your Smoke Shop(Smoke Tokz).


The Wulf Premium E-Juice is one of the finest e-juices available. It is sold in beautifully designed bottles of 30 ml each. These bottles are available with different levels of nicotine content. We have three different catchy flavors in here– Almond Silk Milk, Strawberry Shake and Chocolate Milk. All three flavors are specially made to be unique in its own style. Be the first person to grab this E-Juice.

KOOPOR MINI 60W TC MOD Now available at the new smoke shop(SMOKE TOKZ) 1263,W103rd street,kansas city,missouri,64114.

The  Koopor Mini 60W TC Box Mod is a compact, advanced dual mode 60W box mod, which is built with  stainless steel and zinc alloy construction,  which also provides 1 to 60W of power, and a temperature controlled output, with a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms.



Manufactured out of Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy, the Koopor Mini features a magnetized back plate for easy battery removal, stainless steel threadpoints, and a spring-loaded 510 for atomizer flush fitting. It contains , a bright LED screen which indicates the amount of power remaining and also the number of watts being used.

Specifications of the Product:

  • 1 to 60W Variable Wattage mod
  • Temperature Control Range: 200 – 600F
  • Magnetized Back Plate
  • Battery : 18650
  • Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Stainless Steel Threadpoints
  • Bright OLED Screen
  • Black or Orange Silicone Sleeve





1 x  Koopor Mini 60W TC Box Mod,

1 x English Manual,

1 x  Case

Which is the best smoke shop in Kansas City


When it comes to smokes which is the best smoke shop in Kansas city Missouri,

there is tons and tons of smoke shop every where in Kansas city area but which one can be called as real head shop in kc . Smoke Tokz located at state line and 103rd street Kansas city Missouri is the number one smoke shop we sound so far.anything everything that’s the attitude smoke tokz have . cropped-img_24011.jpgsomething they don’t have it  no worries they will have it the very next day . are they going to run out of stock never, ever. this is why to choose smoke tokz Kansas city Missouri as best smoke shop in kc area.They beat every one price and they keep unique inventory. neat clean and friendly shop with lot of items to choose.R0018356_1024x1024 i never seen a smoke shop take returns on e cigarette accessories when it comes to a point its not working . but smoke tokz take care of customers. when it comes to e liquid they have wide variety includes cutwood, space jam, kilo, beard, and home made evolution e liquids. The one shop which supports local manufacturers and artists. CBD is another new trend which every one start buying and smoke tokz have it all and believe it . its the best price you can ever get too. 51_by_beard_large

Electronic cigarette have wide variety eleaf, krangertech, Smoke, Cool File , Itaste and much more.Smoke Tokz Kansas City Missouri

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