The Quickdraw 500 Deluxe is a heavy hitter portable vape that works with dry herbs, concentrates, oils, and any other juice. It’s great for on the go or just using it around the house from room to room.Now available at smoketokz Kansas city Missouri your only neighborhood smoke shop.

The Quickdraw 500 by Hold Your Fire truly amazed me.

I initially thought this vape was not going to perform that extraordinary. Be that as it may, it performed at a truly astounding level as I would like to think.

I really trust it may perform a smidgen superior to the Pax 2… Which is an amazing compact… So that is truly saying something!

What’s Unique About it?

1 – A True Portable. You’re ready to fit this into your pocket moderately effortlessly. It’s not massive by any means. You can palm this unit.

2 – Three in 1 adaptability. You get the chance to utilize dry herb, concentrate, and squeeze with this unit. You should do nothing more than put the head that you need on. There are 3 ‘heads’, one for herb, one for concentrate, and one for juice. So in the event that you need to vape dry herb, you would simply put the dry herb head on. There are just a couple different vaporizers worth saying that has this kind of adaptability. One is the Haze and the other is the Pro Series.


What I Liked

1 – Portability

I like the thought of convenient units. You’re ready to bearing with you wherever you go. This is a truly decent size so will have the capacity to recently toss it into your pocket or sack super simple.

2 – Flexibility

I truly like the way that you’re ready to utilize every one of the three substances with his unit. It gives it some better than average adaptability. I additionally like that you utilize contrasting tops/sets out toward them. This makes it with the goal that you don’t need to cross diverse substances in the same broiler. Besides it will give every one a vastly improved taste as opposed to having broiler for each and every one.

3 – Easy

This unit is super simple to-utilize. You’re not going to be confounded at all and presumably inside of five minutes you’re going see the greater part of its key capacities. This is a considerable measure for convenient units that are regularly somewhat more confounding.

4 – Big Draws

My most loved thing about the entire unit however is that you’re ready to take enormous draws from it. You are truly ready to get a decent measure of vapor. This is critical for a few individuals on the grounds that this is going to add to the strength of the vaporizer. With a vaporizer that you can’t take enormous draws out of you aren’t going to get close as cured as you would utilizing one that takes into consideration huge draws.


What I Didn’t Like

A considerable measure of what I didn’t care for is only your ordinary compact vaporizer issues.

Upkeep – you’re going to need to do a touch of support on this unit. The primary concern that you’re going to need to do is keep the airhole inside of the broiler clear. That can get a considerable measure of tar on it. On the off chance that that gets tar on it and you’re thumping to have the capacity to take draws.

Fast Sessions – I didn’t understand they’d be this snappy. I get that it’s the quickdraw. In any case, the herb appeared to smolder excessively snappy I think.

Contrasted with Others

In the event that mulling over purchasing the quickdraw, there are a few choices I suggest looking at.

Pax 2:

I truly get the inclination that the Pax was personality a top priority when they composed this item. Everything from the look and feel of the unit helps me to remember the Pax 2. The Quickdraw’s broiler is a touch better. You’re additionally ready to bring greater draws with the Quickdraw than with the Pax. Proficiency is better with the Pax however.

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Starting at this time the Crafty is our #1 appraised compact. We truly like it on the grounds that it conveys staggering vapor. It additionally has the best thickness and productivity out of the considerable number of units. It has a high sticker price however.

You can click here to see our full audit.


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Where to Buy?

The Quickdraw will be elusive in stores. I for one purchase all my vapes online from VapeWorld in light of the fact that you get free overnight sending. This is commonly prompts a superior cost than you’d get on the off chance that you buy straight from retailers.

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All in one in a 5 minute sesh!!!

I have possessed the 500 for a month now and it is running like new nothing has home wrong by any means. Upkeep on the gadget is much the same as vape. The e juice tank gets enormous mists simply like a smaller than normal mod. The concentrate top hits superior to anything most glass nails worse titanium nails however. The dry herb top hits superior to a pax however not a sly. The tops are attractively joined so you can hit herb, concentrates and e squeezes all in one session regardless of the possibility that it’s a 5 min sesh. nothing can beat its comfort and quality. I cherish it and trust i