cropped-img_2401.jpgPAX 2 – The Best Vaporizer in the world, Re-imagined – Like smoking in the future !!!

PAX2 is a portable, loose-leaf vaporizer. The new version, PAX2 is smaller, yet smarter and sleeker.  In lightning charge mode, the users could fully charge the PAX 2 in 2-3 hours with the charging dock. The elegant design of PAX 2 makes it very easy to clean every few times after the use. Cleaning PAX 2 takes only a couple of minutes. This gives optimal performance during vaping. PAX 2 is 10% lighter, 25% smaller than PAX. PAX 2 has 30% more battery than PAX. PAX2 Comes in 4 vibrant colors which are, Charcoal, Platinum, Flare and Topaz. PAX 2 has 4 heat settings which makes vaping experience unique to each persons. Besides all these functionalities, simple and elegant interface of PAX2 has just a button. This makes the user interface so simple and easy to learn and very easy to use on the go.

PAX 2 is surprisingly small vape. Like the original, the Pax 2 features a handsome brushed anodized aluminum shell that comes in four colors (black, aqua, red, and silver). It also comes with an LED indicator that shows the vaporizer’s status, and an accelerometer that activates the heating element when you pick it up. The Pax 2 is noticeably smaller and lighter than the Pax 1, but that’s not the most exciting innovation.

The Pax 2 is pretty. The original Pax was also pretty, but the sleeker, cleaner design of the update means it fits in your pocket better and feels better when you use it. Along those lines, the new flush mouthpiece works wonderfully well. The instructions tell you to take long pulls, like a cigar, and it actually feels surprisingly similar to a stogie—except for the fact that it’s made of metal. PAX 2 is packed with new innovative motion and lip sensing technology which makes sure that none of your smoking efforts go in vein 🙂

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We joined the PAX 2 revolution. Are you ready? !!!  Its like smoking in the future !