cropped-img_24012.jpgKansas City MO and Kansas City KS is trying to pass age restriction for buyers who can buy tobacco to 21 years of age. There will be a voting going to happen today at 3 pm. I think this will be good for teenagers because most of the teenagers start smoking at the age of 12 and up getting cigarette from those who are 18 and up. This will restrict some way to help teenagers start smoking when they are so young.

It will help a better living community in Kansas and Missouri. Smoketokz located at 1263 w 103rd worn all road is ready to restrict age to 21 to buy tobacco as soon as this will take in effect. We want to support our community to be a healthy living and brighter future. Smoketokz welcome the new changes of age restriction to buy tobacco from store to help the community to grow and succeed.

Smoking age restriction for Kansas city Missouri and Kansas city ks for 21 plus taking effect in 10 days giving enough time to store owners to remove the 18 plus stickers to 21 plus.