ecig3Now a days the most hurting part in kansas city is shortage on e cigarette accesories. every store in kansas city missouri have lot of e cigarettes, mods and vapes but when it comes to parts always end up in buying through online and its ridiculous. why the shop cant keep up with parts. i was wondering about it and researched lot of stores. this is what i came up with lot ofshop owners dont know much about mods or new e cigs in market. they buy whatever they can get and have no clue what are the parts needs to be kept to keep the customers happy.ecig4

I have done my research in so many shops and and finally found one place which is smoke tokes located at 103rd and state line Kansas city which carries all range of smoking

ecig2accessories. it doesn’t matter what you need if they havnt available they will get it very next day for you.  ecig_accesoris